postheadericon How To Replace Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks

Kitchens made to specifications include a place to install wine racks. In the kitchen, they are mostly installed inside cabinets. They can also be installed either on the upper-side or below the cabinets. Wine rack replacement largely depends on your kitchen preferences on matters such as décor, upgrades or repairs. When replacing the wine racks, you can settle for a traditional design or contemporary design. Since kitchen cabinet wine racks are available in a wide variety, you can be sure to find something that definitely works for your kitchen. Here is more on what you need to do to replace kitchen cabinet wine rack.

Eliminating cabinet door

The first step in wine replacement involves removal of the cabinet door. You can do this successfully with the help of a screw-tip attachment (magnetic one) and a cordless drill. The screw attachment helps you unsecure hinges from the cabinet’s interior. Note that this is a crucial step if your cabinet has a door. If your cabinet does not have a door or you have an under-cabinet wine rack, you will not have to go through this step. After you are done with removal of the door, you can remove all the wine bottles and glasses to clear the space.

Dealing with wood screws

Kitchen Cabinet Wine Racks

In the cabinet interior, wood screws secure the wine racks. When you remove these wood screws, you will be able to easily slide out the wine racks. If you are dealing with an under-cabinet, you will have to remove the screws that secure the wine racks beneath the cabinets. In this regard, it is important to ensure the spacers are left alone. Do not remove them from the cabinet underside. Once you are done with removing wine racks, ensure all the screws are assembled in a particular place for easy access during reinstallation.

Taking measurements

Next, you need to take the measurements of the face of the wine rack from the top to the bottom as well as side to side. This will help you get it right when looking for the right size of in-cabinet wine racks. With under-cabinet racks, pay attention to the measurements you get by working from end to end. New racks obtained from dealers need to be based on the measurements you take.

Final step

New racks obtained from dealers should be based on the measurements you took. Once you get new racks, all you need to do is slide them into the kitchen cabinet aligning their face perfectly with the outer edge of kitchen shelf. You can attach the new racks at the sides of the cabinet (inside) with the screws that you took off earlier. Finally, you can reinstall the cabinet door that you had initially removed.

If you want to upgrade your cabinet wine racks, all you need is a replacement and knowledge on how to go about it. Keep in mind that this is actually a simple task. For complex kitchen cabinet wine racks and wine cellars, you may have to hire a professional contractor for excellent services.

postheadericon What Do You Know About Wine Temperature Basics?

You may not know it but temperature always has an effect on how wine tastes. That explains why wine enthusiasts value wine cellar cooling units so much. They know for a fact that temperature fluctuations don’t just affect how wine tastes. They also affect how wine smells. So what exactly is the ideal wine temperature? What factors should one take into account when serving wine as far as temperatures are concerned? Read on to find out.

Sparkling wine

Sparkling wine should always be served cold. The ideal temperature for sparkling wine is in fact, 40 degrees minimum and 50 degrees maximum. To ensure that your sparkling wine tastes and smells as it should, put it in the freezer for at least an hour before you can pop it. You can alternatively put it in an ice bucket for at least 30 minutes before popping. Temperature considerations are ideal for sparkling wine for a number of reasons. Ice cold temperatures will for instance keep your wine bubbles fine rather than foamy. Then to maintain the ideal sparkling wine temperature, leave the wine bottle open until you are done drinking. Closing and opening it several times as you enjoy the bottle will cause temperature fluctuations which may in turn have a negative impact on how the wine tastes.

White wine and rose wine

White wine and rose wine

It is easy to assume that white is easier to store compared to other types of wine. That’s actually one of the most common mistakes people make. White wine is pretty much like sparkling wine. It calls for a maximum of 60 degrees and a minimum of 50 degrees. Then remember to store your white wine in the fridge the same day you buy it. you can of course, place it the fridge for at least 30 minutes before opening it if you intend to enjoy it just a few minutes or hours after buying it. Avoid placing your white wine bottle in ice as you enjoy it. Simply allow it to seat on the table. That is because white wine’s character and aroma changes as temperature rises.

Red wine

Red wine is easy to store. It should always be served cool, so anything between 60 and 70 degrees would be ideal. Wine experts recommend storing and serving white wine under room temperature. Like white wine, red wine should always be left open as you enjoy it with friends. Avoid keeping in the fridge under low temperatures as low temperatures will have a negative effect on the taste of your red wine.

Other temperature considerations

Invest in a modern wine storage and cooling system if you can afford it. The unit will make your work easier and guarantee you better tasting wine. But if for one reason or another you cannot afford a cooling system, simply follow the aforementioned basics. Be sure to also read the instructions on your wine bottle on how it should be stored and served. Then like you may have probably figured out, never store your wine under direct sunlight.

postheadericon 4 Wine Storage Solutions For Large-Format Wine Bottles

Recently, the trend of using magnum-sized wine bottles has increased making it difficult for the wine collectors to store their wine. The main problem with these bottles is that they do not fit well in the conventional racks as they are designed for the Bordeaux-size bottles. If you do not have a proper wine storage solution for these bottles, you will surely run out of space very soon.

Being a wine enthusiast, you are certainly not the only experiencing storage problem. If you have excessive magnum size bottles, it is high time that you rethink about wine storage and see what you can do. Here are a few ideas that can be of some help to you.

Cube the collection

Having pine cube wine racks may be a good option for you. These racks are quite popular because of their low price. They are not only easy to assemble but are modular at the same time. Therefore, they can easily fit in most of the spaces. The cubes can easily hold your Bordeaux-sized tables and will be suitable for your large size bottles as well. Many people prefer to have the pine racks in their rough look. However, you can also paint or stain them to match your home’s décor. Keep on adding cubes as your collection grows.

Personalizing win racks

Personalized wine rack

If you have a large collection of oversized bottles then it is high time that you design a rack especially for them. There are one-column racks available in the market that you can consider as well. Different types of wood are used in the manufacturing of these racks and the prices vary accordingly. You can also stain or paint these racks as per your taste and style. Generally, these racks can hold around sixteen large bottles. Depending upon your available space, you may consider installing the rack horizontally or vertically and can also group a few of these racks to make a large unit.

Mounting a wall rack

If you have a few one and half liter wine bottles at your home and find it difficult to accommodate a specific corner for their storage, there is nothing to worry about. You can easily display your bottles by simply mounting a wall rack for them. The best part about these racks is that they are designed to hold the bottle from the neck rather than the body. You just need to make sure that the holes are large enough to hold the neck of the bottles easily. If you have a plan to install a wall mounted storage unit, you need to be very careful about the weight limitations.

Use wine rack kits

If you already have dedicated a space for your wine collection, you can customize your space to accommodate the large sized bottles anytime. There are wine rack kits available that you can consider for this project. You do not need to be an engineer to assemble or design the rack. Regardless of the storage space you have, you can mix and match the heights and components to design a special storage solution for your home.

postheadericon Turn That Unused Space Into A Perfect Spot For Wine Storage!

Generally speaking, wine storage requires a decent amount of space. Some people are lucky enough to have sufficient space in their homes to store their wine collection. Unfortunately, if you live in a tiny condominium or apartment, then you have limited options when it comes to storage space. But you are not out of luck; there are plenty of unsuspecting places that can be transformed into remarkable wine storage space.

As a matter of fact, it is not quite necessary to have an expansive wine cellar in your home to tastefully display your wine collection. Believe it or not, a contained space can hold up to a few hundred bottles without looking to crowded. The solution is to find a spot in your house that can accommodate your wine collection in a controlled environment.

But whichever your spot may be, keep your collection away from direct sunlight, at tolerable humidity and temperature, as well as safe from vibrations. If not, your rare collection of wines might age more rapidly than is desired. Let’s explore some wine storage options for limited space.

Try a reach-in wine closet


Yes, you can perfectly store your wine collection in a closet. This is an awesome and surprising way to utilize space in your house, and that most people could never think as suitable for storing their wine collection. A reach-in wine closet can be outfitted with wood wine racking and handmade wine cellar doors for a storage option like no other.

Built-in refrigerated wine cabinet

Refrigerated wine cabinets are ideal for storing wine collections in smaller spaces such as closets. They come fully assembled and ready for installation. Apart from this, these cabinets are relatively cheap to purchase and install. Refrigerated wine cabinets are on average 60-percent less expensive than having a conventional wine cellar installed.

Conditioned wine cabinets are quite easy to customize so as to meet your immediate storage requirements. They also come with an array of different design features that can be altered to match your existing home décor. These features include LED lighting, hardware, finish, wood species, size, style, and even shape. Conditioned wine cabinets are truly an incredible way to store your collection of wines in a limited space in your home. Best of all, they guarantee an excellent wine storage environment.

Have unused space under the stairs?

That unused space under your stairs can easily be converted into a dazzling wine storage room. In here, you can opt for wine racking or wine cubes to house your bottles, along with other features such as a decanting area and diamond bin storage. Curved corner racking in this case is best suited for limited space such as under the stairs as it allows for a seamless transition around corners.

Your basement alcove makes for great wine storage

If your house has features such as a pantry or a basement alcove, then you can easily convert them into perfect walk-in wine storage spaces. A good wine storage expert should be able to help you to determine what is right for your space in addition to what kind of humidification or cooling system is required.

postheadericon Use These Tips To Make Your Wine Cellar Safer For Your Kids

There are many benefits to having a wine cellar in your home, including the fact that it can act as an investment. There are many instances where an individual stores wine for a few years, and it ends up appreciating in value.

There are a few challenges that you are likely to face when you establish a cellar in your family home. One of these is the fact that your kids may end up straying into the cellar. This poses a host of problems including the risk of them getting injured and also damaging some of the stored wine. To get around this, some of the measures you can take include:

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postheadericon Top Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Storage At Home

Perhaps you are thinking of creating space for storing wine at home and have questions about wine cellars, wine racks and wine cabinets. By having access to what others have asked about wine storage, you will be able to do wine storage in a better way. Here are some of most frequently asked questions and their answers that you will surely find useful:

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postheadericon 7 Steps To Moving Your Wine Collection Safely

Since your wine collection is an important investment, due care should be observed when you are relocating it. No damage should come to it as it is an invaluable collection and where necessary, you can seek the assistance of a professional to assist you. Thus, to be able to move your collection safely, you should observe the below tips.

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postheadericon Here’s What A Good Wine Cellar Can And Should Do For Your Home!

One of the strongest characters of a modern home is its functionality. This means that a modern home basically combines aesthetics with functionality in a way that ensure effective and yet beautiful use of the available space. Generally, if you are a wine enthusiast, you need a wine cellar. And modern home designs have a way for you to have that wine cellar without compromising on how beautiful your home can look. You have a lot of options in terms of where to place the cellar, but you will have to adhere to the four basic conditions of wine storage namely cool, dark, still and sideways.

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postheadericon What Do You Need To Know Before Selecting A Wine Rack For Your Home?

Regardless of whether you are a collector or a casual wine taker, you need a wine rack to properly store your wine and in style. A wine rack has two purposes in your home which are protecting your wine and creating a pleasant focal point. Individual needs, tastes and preferences, then determine the size, shape and style of the rack. Outlined are factors to consider before selecting your wine rack.

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postheadericon How Do You Pair Cheese And Wine?

Cheese and wine are certainly two of the life’s ideal culinary pleasures. This being the case, finding the perfect match is always a tricky undertaking for everyone. As with any food and wine pairing endeavor, there are several things to factor in, for example tannin, fat, acidity and texture. Instead of complicating things for you, here we have simplified them so that you can easily accomplish the wine and cheese pairing task by yourself.

But before we get started, note that there are endless possibilities where wine and cheese pairing is concerned. To simplify your pairing undertaking, we will divide the cheeses into four main categories. These are:

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